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Selected Program Targets (2018-2022)

The organisational strategic planning came up with the following key results areas derived from the challenges and opportunities the smallholder farmers’ face, the vision of the organization, the overall Rwanda Government development framework and the Global Sustainable Development Goals.

ASED’s Areas of Outcomes

  • Increase the horticultural productivity and farmers’ access to structured markets;
  • Improve the quality of horticultural produce delivered to the markets;
  • Reduce the food insecurity among the rural and urban community members;
  • Promote the savings and investments by the farmers.
  • Reduce the illiteracy among the targeted rural and urban communities.
  • Reduce the malnutrition among the targeted communities members without discrimination;
  • Promote the establishment of nature conservation reserves and protected areas;
  • Promote the application of good ecological principles from other regions;
  • Awareness raising and advocate to enact policies to give the poor basic services;
  • Increase the trends in application of rainwater harvesting techniques and reuse;
  • Promote Water, Sanitation and hygiene (WASH);
  • Educate the rural and urban communities in environmental management and planning
  • Carry out the capacity needs assessment for sustainable farming systems;
  • Promote the innovation in farming, energy and to increase the productivity;
  • Enable rural and urban community members to effectively utilize technology to narrow the gap between the developing and developed world.
  • Improve the Internal and External Communication;
  • Increase in the number of Staff receiving professional training;
  • Organise the statutory meetings (Management meetings and meetings by the Governing Board);
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning tools developed and operationalised;

Improve the Information Management Systems (Production, Filing Systems and Archiving).