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  • To facilitate the development of appropriate capacity building, lobbying and advocacy in sustainable agriculture, food security, land and natural resources management;
  • To improve agricultural systems and raise rural and urban prosperity;
  • To develop appropriate capacities to advocate for the well-being of the population, socio-economic development and contribute to the promotion of gender equality and the eradication of gender-based violence;
  • To promote the mainstreaming of the Gender Equality and HIV/AIDS in socio-economic development programs;
  • To promote nature conservation, protection of biodiversity and to preserve the good management of water, forests and natural resources.
  • To promote actions to maintain lasting peace in rural and urban communities such as dialogues, cultural and entertainment activities;
  • To promote participation in regional and international exchanges of experiences, especially in networks and forums for environmental protection and climate justice and resilience;
  • To promote technical options and community-based planning for disaster risk reduction and management with current climate change adaptation and sustainable natural resources management initiatives.
  • To contribute to the effective learning for all children and youth for life and livelihoods improvement.

The organisation is also eligible to can also carry out other legal activities related or not to its mission, directly or indirectly.